Jesse-Carlo Ramos Obtains Private Pilot License

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424 Aviation Inc. would like to congratulate Jesse-Carlo Ramos on getting his private pilot license.

What a milestone for your pilot career. Outstanding job!!! We look forward to seeing you progress with your aviation career. Instructor: Rodolfo Pupo Baster.

What Jesse has to say about 424 Aviation:

“I attended 424 Aviation and obtained my Private Pilot’s Licence. As a student I would highly recommend 424 Aviation for any pilot looking to progress with their licenses, or even new pilots. Since day one I immediately felt at home. Everyone you encounter at this school will go above and beyond to help you progress and make you feel comfortable. The office staff, instructors, and owners are extremely professional creating a positive learning environment, constantly making sure everything was done above standards. Every time I had a ground class it was appparent that the instructors were very knowledgeable in all concepts of aviation. Bringing their personal experiences into the lessons helped me to understand all aspects of the lesson. By the time we were ready to fly, I felt confident in what was expected of me due to explicit instructions in our ground classes. During flight lessons everything was done step by step to ensure that safety was never compromised. I always learned something valuable each time I flew from basic flying skills to scenario based procedures. The instructors will not send you to do any of your solos, take any exams, or endorse you for check ride without knowing 100% that you are ready. I’ve had a phenomenal experience in this school, met some wonderful people, created inseparable bonds, and made wonderful memories. I will definitely be returning to 424 Aviation to progress with my other ratings. Just know, if you pick 424 Aviation as your professional flight school, you are choosing success.”

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