Should You Get An Instrument Rating? (Here’s A Hint: Yes)

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Getting your instrument rating is a lot easier than it once was.

Not long ago, marker beacons in an instrument panel was a big technological advance. Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) was not yet available. And you had to meet a 125-hour total-time requirement (including student hours) to be eligible to take your instrument rating-airplane checkride – that rule is now gone.

Even is you never plan to fly on cloudy days or in inclement weather, getting your instrument rating will make you a safer, more proficient pilot. There is always the possibility that the forecast for clear skies can change quickly and before you reach your destination. According to Plane & Pilot Magazine, of all the  weather-related accidents, approximately half involved flying under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) into Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) and more than 72% of these accidents were fatal!

Today, there are many benefits to get your instrument rating – you will be a better navigator, communicator and workload manager. Read this article from AOPA about the reasons to get your instrument rating: IFR Fix: Should you get an instrument rating?

Of course, 424 Aviation would love to be the flight school were you earn your important instrument rating!

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